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About Tiny Designs

And L​aure​n Pinkston

Welcome my website! My name is Lauren Pinkston and I am the designer and owner of Tiny Designs. My passion is creating beautiful clothing that looks and feels amazing! I specialize in formal gown s for young ladies. When I started Tiny Designs my goal was to have a big ready to wear brand with products in boutiques everywhere. But at some point I discovered my love of creating beautiful, one of a kind, bespoke gowns. One style doesn't fit all. In fact, I believe that every girl has a unique style and fit that is perfect for just them, and I bring that to life. I strive to make my clients happy and love to see their reaction when they put on their dream dress for the first time. I also enjoy using my other skills such as knitting, crochet, sequining, beading and embroidery (all done by hand, of course) to add a special touch to my gowns and accessories. I always try to bring my clients a new meaning of luxury and fashion. For example, I created the first ever jersey knit/formal wear line to maximize comfort, functionality, and style. Have fun exploring what Tiny Designs has to offer. I look forward to hearing from you!

About Tiny and Me

A story of the dog and his girl

I started to take interest in fashion design at the age of three and by the time I was four, I already had a name for my future company, Tiny Designs. Why "Tiny Designs" you may ask? Tiny is my dog who designs fashion! Tiny inspired me to design what I wanted to wear. And soon it became more than just about personal style choice. I was designing for my friends and making them my models. I had model parties where I would teach my friends to walk and pose. One birthday I received a sketchbook as a gift and after that I was really sketching ideas that I made reality. I was planning fashion shows and events. Making accessories to match my garments. I knew this was my calling. So at the age of nine, I registered Tiny Designs, LLC. as an official company. Some called me a prodigy while others said I couldn’t make it or that this was a phase I would grow out of. But I continued designing and perfecting my couture draping and sewing techniques with Tiny by my side the whole way. But then tragedy struck. In August of 2018 my faithful Tiny fell fatally ill and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge just five days later. And only three months later Sebastian, my Australian shepherd fell ill and joined Tiny a week later. It was heartbreaking knowing that Tiny and Sebastian would not be present for my first Official Tiny Designs Fashion Show. But in January of 2019 I was back at it again and showed my first line at Coastal Fashion Week. Since then I have released two more lines and shown them at many more shows over the Gulf Coast. And in September of 2019 I even attended New York Fashion Week with my two yorkies (Tiny's little sisters) named Trinkette and Cuddlesworth who helped me out backstage. Since then, I keep striving to improve my company and my designs. I celebrate Tiny through my designs and through the growth of my skills and knowledge, and, of course have the presence of all his sisters to enjoy! But this is just the beginning of my story, so be sure to follow me to watch it unfold in real time.

Love dogs, love fashion, and most of all,

    Sparkle On!

        -Lauren Pinkston    

Lauren Pinkston and Tiny of Tiny Designs
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